Monday, October 24, 2011

Showered with Love

Our friends have graciously opened their homes and hearts over the last few weeks, showering me (Tiffani) with love and blessings. In late September, one of my bridesmaids, Jessica Roberts, hosted a shower up in Los Angeles. It was a beautiful time - we convened in a park near our neighborhood, and had just delectable treats, from cupcakes and cake balls to cheese and fruit to delicious salad and more. It was beautifully laid out and Jessica even made these adorable, frosted shortbread cookies shaped like tiered wedding cakes. I loved having some of my closest LA friends get together, share stories and laugh. What a perfect afternoon, it was a really great time.

 The next weekend a group of gals got together up in Hollywood for a Bachelorette party for me. I had been wanting to do this live murder-mystery-scavenger-hunt-type-deal called "Accomplice: Hollywood" for the last two years, and so when Emily Cox, who graciously offered to put the event together (and who is also serving as the wedding coordinator), asked what kind of things I'd like to do - this was the top of my list! We tromped around Hollywood, seeking clues to find a missing starlet, and interacting with different "characters" along the way. It was a really fun time that ended with dinner and drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe. Super fun.

The third weekend in this series, Curby and my friends Wendy Ayers and Nina Dawson, co-hosted a shower in Orange County, for those friends of ours who are a part of FWC (and/or lived in Orange County). We met at Nina's house and had a lovely mid-day tea, complete with mini-cucumber sandwiches and scones - out on the patio. We ate on Nina's china service and it was a really sweet way to spend some time with these women who I am just getting to know better. Afterwards, we had a few fun activities and then the women each gave me a piece of marital advice as I opened their presents. That part was particularly sweet.

What a terrific few weeks of pre-marriage blessing. Curby and I have been so overwhelmed with the love and support of our friends over these last few months. It is hard to believe that we are now only 2 weeks away from getting married. I can hardly believe it - and yet, these two weeks can't come fast enough.

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