Saturday, August 6, 2011

Engagement Photo Weekend!

Dateline: 8/7/2011
Curby and I (Tiff) spent the last two days with my old friend, Bethany (Vieth) Speier and her husband Ryan. Bethany and Ryan have a photography and cinematography company (Effulgence Photo&Cinema - check them out by clicking here). I have been friends with Bethany since my time at Greenville College, and she is a super creative and talented woman, who also exudes joy and is a passionate follower of Jesus. Bethany moved to Tacoma after she graduated from Greenville and we stayed in touch, connecting when she came back to Illinois or when I was out Seattle.  Last year, one year ago tomorrow, actually (8/8), I was privileged to celebrate with her and Ryan as they married in beautiful ceremony in a San Francisco park, near Lombard Street. It was a fun ceremony, full of their spirit and identity, and I loved being a part of their day.

From the instant Curby proposed, I was hoping we would be able to have Ryan and Bethany take our engagement and wedding photos and videography. It seemed impossible, because they lived in Tacoma and we lived down here. But the Lord provided and we were able to work out a deal to get them down here - not just once, but twice! This weekend (8/5-8/7) was the first of the visits and boy was it so much fun!

The four of us got together on Friday night, and we had a really great time getting to know each other better. Curby had not met either Ryan or Bethany before, so this time was really valuable to all of us. After a fun dinner, we got down to brass tacks, figuring out our plans for the weekend. B & R were great, listening to my vision and Curby's (for our videography primarily) and creating a really creative and exciting combination.

Saturday we met up early, and headed to the site of most of our filming. B & R are super professional but also warm and fun. The filming was great fun and we finished that time with the picnic. Later we went down to Santa Monica to do some still photography - it was fun to be exploring LA with our friends, while also getting the chance to canoodle for our photos.

The professionals at work!

Very professorial.
Comfy library nook.

Ready for our close ups. 

Sunday after church, we met up again and took B & R down to the Botanic Gardens, where the wedding will take place. We explored the grounds and had another great day taking pictures. We even convinced Bethany and Ryan to pose for a few, in honor of their anniversary.

B & R head back to Washington tomorrow, and I sure am sad to see them go. It has been so fun to have them here. It makes me even MORE excited for the wedding, that they'll be here again in just under three months!

More updates to come. Stay tuned to tiffandcurby!