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We here at Tiff and Curby would love to hear your stories! How do you know us? What is your advice for us as we start this next chapter in our story?

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Chris said...

Well as Tiffani's parents we were thrilled when we had a chance to meet this 99.4% match names Curby. I especially liked how much they have in common and how easy they seemed with each other. But it the deal was sealed when we played games, had wine and watch jeopardy with our future son-in-law. I can't tell you the times Warren has said: "That Curby's a keeper!"

My advice to you is try not to sweat the small stuff. Always try to look at it from your spouses point of view too. It will increase the longevity of your friendship and love. Also make time for yourselves as a couple. Even when you kids were little we had nights out that were just the two of us. don't be afraid to let others help you with baby sitting etc once you have kids. That's all for now. Love you both, Mom and Chris

Chiara said...

Congratulations, Tiff and Curb! Looking forward to celebrating you two and bearing witness to the infectious love you share. Counting down the days to 11.5.11!


Andie Piehl said...

Milton and I couldn't be happier that Tiff and Curby found each other, and the fact that they now have such a great first chapter to their Once Upon a Time story will be something they can cherish and share for all their years together.

We've come to love Tiff like a daughter already because she just makes it so easy to love her. She personifies the godly woman in Proverbs, and we see clearly that she really is the woman we always prayed God would bring Curby - just perfect for him.

We probably have all sorts of advice you don't need, so we'll spare you because you already to love each so well and are such a great couple that any advice we might have would probably get in the way.

Milton and I have learned and really do believe that the secret of a good marriage and life together is to love the Lord, love each other, and ALWAYS stay best friends. That makes life's hard things easier and life's fun things doubly great.

We love y'all and can hardly wait to see the chapters you add to your story along the way!

Andie & Milton (Mom & Dad)

Carrie said...

We met Curby when he lived with Mark and Giff across the alley from us in Newport Terrace. Curby would come over to watch sports in the man cave with Tate and would bring over yummy sausages for alley Q's while the boys played hillbilly horseshoes. We have not had the pleasure of meeting Tiffani yet but are looking forward to meeting her at the wedding, if not sooner.

Tate's word of advice to Curby is to "get a garage" and mine is definitely the same as Tiffani's parent's about "not to sweat the small stuff". Congratulations to you both and thank you for inviting us to be a part of your special day.
Cheers!! Tate and Carrie

Jennifer said...

I have a wonderful brother, one that was looking for loving, godly, wife, that "got him". He took is time, was hurt a few times, but what came out of all that was an amazing man,wanting to be an amazing husband. Not just to anyone, but to Tiffani Riggers, who is funny, extremely smart but in a good way. She loves kids and it is obvious she loves my brother. That is all that matters to me. The bonus is I really like her. Her wit, quick smile, patience and a mind that can challenge him. My advise goes back to posting the wrote somethings need to go on the card filtered through later, but some need attention now. My Dad always taught me to tell the ones I love how I feel, on the phone, in a card, email whatever. Just never leave them to wonder where you stand. Have no regrets for what didn't do or did wrong look at now better you will do next time. I love my little brother more than he will ever know and I see in Tiffani a competency to love my brother more then we will know. You both have is the time for the joy. I wish you both joy. So happy you found each other and that your taking us on the ride.
Love you both,