About Tiff and Curby

What does 99.4% mean to us?        
           We met on a website called "OKCupid.com." Both of us had previously given up online dating, but ended up making profiles for this site for different reasons. Curby joined because he liked the way they used math to match their members, and because the people behind the side used the profile information to inform sociological research. Tiffani joined because her friend, Jessica, told her "You need more dates. Join OKCupid right now."      
            After filling out her profile and answering about 200 questions, Tiffani was matched with a number of other members. Some of them were high matches (94%), and some were lower (65%), but one was exceptionally high, coming in with a 99.4% match to Tiffani. Her interest piqued, Tiffani checked out his profile and immediately noted that he was cute, funny, cool, and thoughtful. Despite her fear that her profile was none of these things, and trusting OKCupid, she emailed him.
            The rest is history. After emailing over the weekend, Curby called her, talked to her for an hour, then boldy asked for a date the following Saturday. She had plans, but suggested they might be changed. After confirming her previous plans were not firm, and being encouraged to go on the date instead, they decided to do dinner and salsa dancing.  We found that we had a lot in common, from our views on politics, religion, and lifestyle, to the things we liked to do for fun. Even before the first date, we knew that something was different about this relationship and we were both excited to see where it landed.
              The first date confirmed that what we had was something special and we've been together ever since. For us, 99.4% reminds us that there are small ways that God prepared us to be just the right person for the other - from our communication styles, to our shared faith and goals, to our love for Chocolate-Cherry Blizzards. And filing disagreements under "point six percent" allows us to have a good attitude about the areas where we are truly different, helping us to navigate and celebrate those differences in light of our great commonalities.

About Tiffani
        A native of the northwest, Tiffani was born in Spokane, Wa and raised near Seattle, Wa. She is the oldest of two children and revels in being the "big-little sister" to her brother, Ben, who towers over her by 6 inches. Her parents, Christine and Warren have been married for almost 40 years, and she is blessed to come from a long line of loving marriages - her maternal grandparents having been married 60 years and her paternal grandparents for 41.
      Tiffani attended Western Washington University for two years, where she majored in Art, and later completed a degree in Fashion Merchandising at Northern Arizona University. After college, she moved back to the Seattle area and worked in corporate retail while spending a lot of time with friends and participating in a Bible Study Fellowship class. 
      In early 2003, Tiffani moved to Greenville, IL to pursue a calling in college student affairs, working for the Greenville College Panther Football Team and doing college ministry on campus. Later, she attended Baylor University - pursuing a Master's degree in Student Affairs Administration and working for the Spiritual Life Office on campus. Fortunately for her future love life, she then moved to Los Angeles to begin doctoral studies at UCLA, studying Higher Education and Organizational Change.
      Tiffani loves to play games, hike, walk her dog, Tiny, and watch movies - all preferably with Curby. Her favorite thing to do is laugh. She aspires to work in a college or university, in the field of student affairs while also teaching a few graduate level courses in a master's or doctoral program. She loves doing college ministry, and her one of her favorite things to do is to sit with a college student over coffee and hear about his or her life. She loves kids and looks forward to the time when God calls Curby and her to be parents!
     Her favorite color is teal and she is left-handed (which thankfully was not a deal breaker for Curby). For now, she blogs at : www.tiffslifenow.blogspot.com.

About Curby
        Curby was born sometime during the Ford administration, and he cites that as the reason for his affinity for avocado green and lemon yellow decor.
        At a young age, Curby got his first exposure to computers: a Commodore Vic20, soon followed by an Commodore 64 and 128... The phrase "PRESS  PLAY ON TAPE" has meaning for him... His first PC came in the 5th grade, but when he was 18 he got his first Apple computer.... And hasn't looked back since (...and yes, he does wish he'd bought AAPL when it was $12 a share.)
        When he was 10, Curby joined the school orchestra,  and based his instrument selection on size... Thus began Curby's lifelong love of the bass. Even though he was (and remains) an awkward, nerdy thing, he also began a lifelong love of rocking out. Anytime you'd like to join him in that activity, he'd totally welcome you.
        When Curby was sixteen, he met Jesus.  That was very cool and has never failed to be a great adventure.  If you haven't met him you should, he's quite amazing.

Curby likes cool music, most all things nerdy,  reading, technology, and Tiff.

Ah, who are we kidding: he LOVES Tiff.