Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marriage License Day!

Today, Curby and I went to the LA County Courthouse (the "Airport Courthouse" to be specific) and picked up our Marriage License! We have been excitedly awaiting this day for a couple months. Officially, your marriage license is good for 90 days once it is issued, so we knew that we could apply for it as early as August 5th - but we didn't want any temptation to just go out and get married before our 'official big day' - so we waited...

Last week, we completed our premarital counseling and discussed the actual wedding ceremony with Adam, our pastor who will perform the wedding rites. After those two meetings, we both really felt commissioned to be married. Adam, and his wife, Wendy, performed our counseling and each week we talked about what Curby and I were feeling and experiencing during this pre-marriage process; what to expect at the wedding, reception, and as we get married; and some tips for success in marriage. They were so encouraging and helpful as we approached the wedding; it was a total amazing blessing to us.

So anyway, we felt commissioned to be married and the time was perfect to go ahead and get that license! We are now officially allowed to get legally married in California - but don't worry friends, we aren't planning to get hitched any earlier than 11-5-11 - we can't WAIT for you to join us!

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