Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Preview of Settling Into Life with Two

1) I'm hoping to be BACK to blogging. Yes, I know. Its been 2 yrs (almost). Life with a toddler and working and household, etc are time-consuming. But I'm hoping to write more. So here is the start of it.

My dear friend, Sarah, sent me a link to an article today. "The One Thing to Know Before Having 2 Kids" (

Yes, its true... We are about to have 2 kids. One month from today. Its mind-boggling, but exciting and fun and the kind of adventure I had almost given up on before I met Curby.

Anyway, I read the article, and here is my reply to Sarah - yes, I'm using an email reply as my first post in 2 years. Hey, efficiency!


Thanks for this article - I get super stressed out thinking about the transition to life with 2 sometimes. Things like "how are we going to get PJ to want to change clothes and diapers in her room instead of ours?" (since the baby will be sleeping in ours at first) or "what am I going to do for the 6-8 wks I'm not allowed/able to lift her and do bedtime?" 

Then the Lord does it for me, suddenly Penny only wants to be changed on the floor of her room (she panics on the changing table - no idea why) and is excited to put on pajamas and clothes in there - even though we've never really said "we're doing this now." And I am reminded that 1) I'm not in this alone. and 2) its all going to be OK. 

I've been so tired when Penny and I get back from daycare pick up (I walk to get her with the stroller and Tiny and then we walk back - good exercise and really all that I'm getting these days) - anyway, so tired, that I've mostly given in to watching 30 minutes of TV before dinner - either "Paw Patrol" or "Bubble Guppies" - soon enough you'll learn about these, but she preferred Sesame Street for a long time (like 18 months -24 mo - before that she didn't watch TV really). Anyway, one day I just said, "she is not going to be ruined by this. she is smart and active and curious and this 30 minutes will not kill us." and that's pretty much our motto in general. "Tylenol if she's not feeling good is fine." "Iphone games when its almost nap time and I just want to finish my lunch at the burger king is fine" "staying up late once in a while is fine" 

When I remember those things, then I remember "Having 2 will be fine. We'll figure it out and it won't kill us." A good reminder for today.

Have you and Myles started talking about plans for any more kids? It was around when PJ was 11 months that I finally started to feel ready to even talk about it. Of course, then we immediately and accidentally got pregnant because I miscalculated my cycle. That was the miscarriage we had last spring. I was not ready to be pregnant when we got that result. Heartbroken to lose the pregnancy of course, but very aware that Penny was going to be 18 months old and have a sibling and I was barely keeping my head above water then. 2 yrs old is much better - she is such a "big girl" in her mind - she doesn't want to sit in a booster or high chair "big girl chair!" and she wants big girl cups and to eat what mommy and daddy eat (e.g., cereal) and has so much more agency now. 

Love you woman. Miss you lots.

Thoughts friends? Do you have two? What was the hardest part of your transition? What was the easiest part? What fear did you have that turned out to be not the case?

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