Monday, May 6, 2013

Penelope at One Month Old

Just a few photos to commemorate our little baby at one month old...

Weight - about 9 lbs
Height - about 21"
Eats - every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, a mix of  breastmilk and formula
Wears - 0-3 month clothes (grew out of her newborn clothes around week 4)
Likes - to hear mommy singing and daddy talking about baseball, taking a bath
Dislikes - a wet or poopy diaper, the Moby wrap

* Family visitors during the first month: Grama and Grampa Riggers, Nannie Piehl
* Other visitors during the first month: Emily Cox, Chris McMahan, Amy and Matt Thomas, Jenn Hines, Joe and Cristina Prusz, Linda Sax and Sammi Becker, Mikey Rombouts, Jared Allen, Wendy and Adam Ayers, Katie Schaller, Cori Coser, Andrea Manella, Kelly Wise, Louise Jaffe, Kate Lehman, Jane Pizzolato, Mark and Mandy Cummings (forgive me if you visited and I don't have you written down - just add your name to the comments and I'll add you! I am sleep deprived....)

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