Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Registry Information


Thanks for thinking of us!
We are registered at the following locations:
Bed, Bath, & Beyond

* We have registered for similar things at a couple locations, but our preferred retailer is Bed, Bath, and Beyond, because they offer discounts later if we would like to complete items from our registry - and also, they were just really, really nice there and so we want to give them our business.

* We also just found out that they offer free gift wrap if you tell them the item is from a registry! Amazing! We love BBB! :)

Sears (for manly-man things, like tools)

We are also registered for a "honeymoon registry" - if you'd like to contribute to our trip, thank you! - please click here:

The following is the best address to use for shipping/mailing:
Tiffani and Curby Piehl
11340 National Blvd. #8
Los Angeles, California 90064

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