Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Video Fun: When Curby Met Tiffani

Our friends Ryan and Bethany Speier are amazing photographers and videographers. We were so grateful when they agreed to do our engagement and wedding pictures - and even more grateful that they said they'd create a documentary-style video for us that we could play at our wedding. The video turned out AMAZING. For those who haven't seen it (or for those who, like me, want to watch it again)... I've posted it today as our Friday Video Fun!

When Curby Met Tiffani from Effulgence Cinema on Vimeo.

(In other news, I'll be posting a few accounts of details of the week leading up to the wedding over on my individual blog: - check it out!)


Alexis Cruikshank said...

Wow. Wow. What an awesome video. It is so well made and It is something you will treasure forever. And can I just say Tiff it was so nice hear your voice after all these years! I didn't realize I missed that until I heard it.

Love you both! - Alexis

Christy C-H said...

Love it-so affirming of what God can do with two people willing to be obedient and faithful. Larry and I watched it together and enjoyed sharing a little bit of your love. Thanks for the wonderful reminder of how blessed we are as well to have one another. Many Blessings to you both!

Tiffani P said...

Thanks to both of you for your sweet comments! We sometimes just watch it to be reminded about how good the Lord has been to us. :) Love to you both, Tiff