Friday, July 8, 2011

Less than 100!

Broop! Broop! Broop! That is the alarm that went off in my head as Curby and I signed up for a gift registry at Sears recently. The Sears registry webpage said, "Congratulations! Your wedding is in 97 days!"

"97 days!?!" I asked Curby, bewilderedly. He screwed up his face and said, "Yeah, that's probably right."

I knew that we were nearing 3 months. (This Friday will be three months precisely) I guess I did not really think about the fact that if we were at 3 months, then we'd be at less than 100 days.

And yikers! Less than 100 days. This sucker is getting real, y'all!

We still have lots of details to work out and projects to complete (invitations are the priority among them), but we are getting increasingly excited and in reality, we are both so glad that there are fewer than 100 days to go!

Thanks for checking in with us!

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